Family-Owned 50’s & 60’s Themed Restaurant

Fox Lake, Wisconsin

Karen’s Hip Hop Diner is a family-owned restaurant located in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. Since its opening in 2019, this nostalgic 50’s and 60’s diner has been serving up delicious food at affordable prices to travelers from Beaver Dam, Fon du Lac, Milwaukee, to name just a few, and residents. The business is owned by Karen Reiners, her mother Karen Tomko, and Tomko’s husband, Dennis Giese. Karen’s whole family is involved in the day-to-day operations. The chili from the diner is inspired by Karen Tomko’s recipe and is made in-house.

Pink Ladies on Skates Karen's Hip Hop Diner
Pink Ladies on Skates

Family-Owned Restaurant

Karen Reiners and her father-in-law Dennis Giese have a long-standing history where the nostalgic American diner is currently located in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. The property once held a gas station and a barbecue restaurant. Karen used to work the third shift at the gas station. Dennis Giese grew up in the 50’s & 60’s era and often visited his grandmother, who lived nearby. After purchasing the property, the concept of the diner began to take shape. The three owners performed all the renovations themselves for the family-owned restaurant.

Karen’s oldest daughter Saphire is the general manager. Karen’s husband, Jim, takes care of all the maintenance for the diner. Saphire’s youngest sister Bailey has had over 6 years in the industry and is in charge as the kitchen manager. Karen has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Saphire has 10 years of restaurant experience and has worked for many large corporations. 

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Nostalgic American Diner

The nostalgic American 50’s & 60’s diner features a unique experience for residents and tourists. The brightly colored atmosphere stands apart from the traditional black-and-white decor of other  diners. The family-owned restaurant is adorned from floor to ceiling with 50’s and 60’s memorabilia. The music playlist inside the restaurant is exclusively 50’s and 60’s music. Customers can enjoy classic TV shows on modern, colored TVs with vintage frames.

The diner offers classic American fare everyone in the family can enjoy with burgers, hotdogs, fries, and shakes. Diner gift certificates and merchandise are also available for purchase. The wait staff provides all-year indoor and seasonal car hop and outdoor dining. Visit Karen’s Hip Hop Diner in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, for great food at affordable prices.

True Oldies

Karen’s Hip Hop Diner is a sponsor of the Source! Listen to timeless tunes you’ll never forget and will always enjoy. 

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Community Connections

Karen’s Hip Hop Diner is heavily involved in their community in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. The family-owned restaurant is a member of the Fox Lake Chamber & WI Restaurant Association. The nostalgic American diner provides regular donations to Clausen Park, SAGES School, and the fire and police department. The diner also has a partnership with US Foods. To learn more about the family-owned restaurant’s community involvement, contact Karen’s Hip Hop Diner.

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at the 50’s Diner

The nostalgic American diner features an exciting and upbeat atmosphere with an open concept kitchen where customers can see what is going on in the kitchen. Cleanliness and service are the highest priority. To reduce the spread of COVID-19, staff wear gloves and disinfect surfaces between customer visits. The restaurant has exceeded food safety and cleanliness standards during health inspections.

The Wisconsin-based 50’s & 60’s diner is currently in search of new employees, especially servers. The managers are certified food protection managers and the core staff is trained in food handling and safety. Most cooks who work at the family-owned restaurant in Fox Lake have little to no experience. The friendly staff is willing to teach, and the work is simple for new employees to catch on quickly. Even if employees choose to leave, they can learn valuable skills they can take with them wherever they work next. Visit the family-owned restaurant in Fox Lake to learn more about available employment opportunities.

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